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The Bosch CDR Tool

Bosch has been in the automotive industry for over 130 years, where they continue to lead the way in innovating and developing high quality products with customers in mind. As the global leader in Event Data Recorder (EDR) technology, Bosch has been a trusted name since 2000. Internationally recognized by law enforcement, crash researchers, auto manufacturers, and government agencies, Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) products provide reliable access to EDR information for a wide range of passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs.

In the intricate field of crash reconstruction, every detail matters and precision and accuracy are of utmost importance. Having access to reliable data makes a huge difference in determining causation and liability after a car crash. The Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) tool provides reconstruction professionals with accurate data, giving them important insight about the crash. 

Understanding the Bosch CDR:

The Bosch CDR tool allows law enforcement and crash reconstructionists to retrieve EDR (commonly referred to as the “black box”) data directly from the Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) of most vehicles sold after 2013 in the US. The EDR captures crucial information leading up to and during a crash that helps law enforcement understand what happened during the accident. You need specialized equipment to access a vehicle's EDR information, which is where the Bosch CDR comes into play. 

Understanding the Crash:

One of the primary advantages of the Bosch CDR tool lies in its ability to unlock valuable insights from a vehicle’s EDR. Connecting directly to the vehicle's diagnostics port, the tool can quickly retrieve data pertaining to vehicle speed, brake input, seatbelt status, airbag deployment, and more. This data provides important context for reconstructing the sequence of events leading up to a crash, helping investigators piece together the scene with accuracy. 

Enhanced Efficiency Using Bosch:

Time is of the essence in crash reconstruction, particularly for law enforcement officers and insurance companies tasked with resolving the case. The Bosch CDR tool streamlines the data retrieval process, minimizing downtime at the crash scene and expediting the investigation process. 

Ensuring Reliability Everytime:

When it comes to crash reconstruction, reliability and integrity of data are non-negotiable. Bosch, a renowned leader in automotive technology, ensures the highest standards of quality and accuracy with their CDR tool. Rigorous testing guarantees the tool's reliability across a diverse range of vehicle makes and models, instilling confidence that the data is accurate each time.

Our trained experts are certified to use the Bosch CDR tool and analyze the crash data that it retrieves. 

For more information on the Bosch CDR tool, click here to download the white paper:

Bosch CDR Tool_Whitepaper
Download PDF • 5.93MB

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